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The project incorporates Caixa: WINNERS OF GRAND COMPANY Award recognition for our CSR line in 2015

  • Incorpora de La Caixa
  • Ultima Hora 20-10-2015
  • INCORPORA - Reunion con Colegio Sagrado Corazon
  • INCORPORA - Reunion con CARITAS
  • INCORPORA - Vanessa
  • INCORPORA - Vanessa 2
  • INCORPORA - Vanessa con el encargado Paco
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  • INCORPORA - PREMIO - agadecimiento Toni Masso
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  • INCORPORA - PREMIO - todos los premiados
  • INCORPORA - PREMIO - Con el Colegio Sagrado Corazon

Brillosa participates in this program job placement for labor integration of groups at risk of social exclusion since 2011.

2015 has given us NOW BIG PRIZE for our line of Corporate Social Responsibility and collaboration with different organizations working in the defense of the rights of individuals and the promotion of equal opportunities.

Features of "la Caixa" is a job placement program based on the needs of social and business network and ensures good integration of the person in the company.

  • A network of 283 social organizations attached to the integration program, which is coordinated through 21 groups distributed throughout Spain and Morocco.
  • More than 500 job placement experts in exploration companies, monitoring the process of formation of the beneficiary, the labor accompaniment of inserted persons, and support for the company in relation to the insertion.
  • More than 17,000 companies have made more than 40,000 insertions of people living in or at risk of social exclusion.

"BUSINESS WITH SOUL" - Incorporates encourages cooperation and the links between the social fabric and the business community.

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