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History Experts since 1933

  • Expertos desde 1933
  • Joan Masso Guinjoan
  • Juan Massó Llurba

In 1933 Mr. Juan Masso Guinjoan founded the company "LA BRILLO BALEAR", initially concentrating on window cleaning services. In the beginning he employed only a few workers, including his son Juan, who after the death of the founder, continued to run the business.
In 1977 the company was formally constituted as a corporation under the name EL BRILLO BALEAR. Since then, the company expanded strongly supported and endorsed by the extensive experience and know-how of Mr. Juan Masso Llurba, who was for several years also president of the Balearic Association of Cleaning Companies.
Later, Mr. Masso bequeathed his knowledge to his son Antoni, who in 1986, during his studies for a bachelor's degree in Economics, founded  another family company called LIMPIEZAS BRILLO, SA, initially focusing on providing cleaning services for governmental institutions. In the beginning both companies offered cleaning services at local level, but, within a couple years, expanded and soon covered the whole islands of Mallorca and Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. Over the years they grew significantly, being recognized for their prestige and seriousness in the Balearic Islands.
Following the retirement of Mr. Juan Masso, his son Antoni proceeded to lead both companies. In 2002 a Quality System under ISO 9001: 2008 was implemented , a  logical step in the general policy of the company and the commitment not only of the management, but of all the people who are involved in the company, towards TOTAL QUALITY.
In the middle of 2005 environmental management according to ISO 14001-2004 was incorporated into the quality management system because of our growing concern about the environmental aspects that our business is facing. In 2011 we decided to implement the OHSAS 18001: 2007 and EMAS certification to monitor and improve the safety of our employees and clients and getting involved even more with the protection of the environment.
In 2012 the two companies, EL BRILLO BALEAR y LIMPIEZAS BRILLO, SA, merged into a new and stronger company called BRILLOSA, SL. Since then we continue in the same way to distinguish ourselves by providing high quality cleaning services, maintaining, thanks to this policy, a sustained growth in a highly competitive market, like the Balearics. In addition, always we remain vigilant to new market approaches, adapting our services and improving day by day the techniques, procedures and machinery.
In BRILLOSA we will provide reliability, confidence and professionalism, which together with our experienced quality on the islands for nearly a hundred years, ensures your complete SATISFACTION.



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ISO 9001

Our management system, which is certified with the quality standard ISO 9001, guarantees total customer satisfaction through the perfect fulfillment of our services and continuous improvements.


ISO 14001

We have established an effective Environmental Management System (EMS) in order to reduce impacts on the environment and systematically address any environmental issue, while we comply with the environmental legislation.


OHSAS 18001

We promote safe and healthy working environments to consistently identify and control the risks for health and safety at work. We try to reduce the potential sources of accidents in compliance with the laws and improve the overall performance.



We are listed in the prestigious EMAS registry of the European Union. Our Environmental Assessment provides all the information needed to promote an improved environmental behaviour and optimize all aspects of environmental management.

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