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Occasional cleanings Or special cleaning

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Special cleanings:

Frequently we are called to cleaning jobs, which have to be done within a limited time period or special tasks which are usually performed when the usual work process is reduced and there is access to areas where normally no maintenance cleaning is possible.
Sometimes there are even areas, which are left without cleaning until they are getting really dirty. In short, special cleanings are jobs that are not covered by a regular schedule or that are only occasionally needed.


  • Window Cleaning
  • Cleaning of car parks and garages
  • Floor treatment 
  • Crystallizing floors 
  • Carpet Cleaning, Cleaning of carpeted floors and upholstery
  • Cleaning signs
  • Cleaning of  industrial kitchens
  • Thoroughly cleaning of areas in disuse
  • Cleaning of awnings and blinds
  • Cleaning of suspended ceilings and light spots
  • Cleaning of air conditioning ducts
  • Cleaning solar panels
  • Cleaning graffiti
  • Cleaning and sanitizing with ozone
  • Steam Cleaning



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ISO 9001

Our management system, which is certified with the quality standard ISO 9001, guarantees total customer satisfaction through the perfect fulfillment of our services and continuous improvements.


ISO 14001

We have established an effective Environmental Management System (EMS) in order to reduce impacts on the environment and systematically address any environmental issue, while we comply with the environmental legislation.


OHSAS 18001

We promote safe and healthy working environments to consistently identify and control the risks for health and safety at work. We try to reduce the potential sources of accidents in compliance with the laws and improve the overall performance.



We are listed in the prestigious EMAS registry of the European Union. Our Environmental Assessment provides all the information needed to promote an improved environmental behaviour and optimize all aspects of environmental management.

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